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Acknowledgements and resources

9.1 Additional project team

Professor Lucy Fortson, University of Minnesota

Dr. Cliff Johnson, Zooniverse Co-Director & Science Lead, Adler Planetarium

Dr. Laura Trouille, Vice President of Science Engagement, Adler Planetarium

Linda Greve, Program Director for Community Outreach and Grants Coordinator, University of Minnesota Libraries

Tawny Lane, Government Grant Manager, Adler Planetarium

Shannon Farrell, Data Curation Network

Wanda Marsolek, Data Curation Network

9.2 Cohort members and projects

Corresponding with Quakers

  • Rachael Scarborough King (University of California Santa Barbara)

Deciphering Secrets

  • Roger Martínez-Davíla (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)

Maria Edgeworth Letters

  • Heather Barnes (Wake Forest University)

  • Susan Egenolf (Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University)

  • Hilary Havens (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

  • Carrie Johnston (Wake Forest University)

  • Jessica Richard (Wake Forest University)

  • Jessica Wilson-Saia (Wake Forest University)

People’s Contest Digital Archive

  • Kevin Clair (Pennsylvania State University)

  • Haven Harrington (Pennsylvania State University)

  • Yue Tang (Pennsylvania State University)

Poets & Lovers

  • Carolyn Dever (Dartmouth College)
  • Peter Logan (Temple University)


  • Amy Larner Giroux, University of Central Florida

Shadows on Stone

  • Roger Panetta (Fordham University)

Additional Cohort Members

Valerie Achterhof (University of Illinois Chicago)

Amy Bailey (University of Illinois Chicago)

Kate Boyd (University of South Carolina)

Graham Duncan (University of South Carolina)

Heather Heckman (University of South Carolina)

Tom Hollenhorst (University of Minnesota Duluth)

Tyler Hoppenfeld (University of California Davis)

Suphan Kirmizialtin (New York University Abu Dhabi)

Rebecca Morgan (American Museum of Natural History)

Ashley Reichelmann (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Rebecca Schneider (New Mexico Highlands University)

Emily Stanback (University of Southern Mississippi)

Serenity Sutherland (State University of New York Oswego)

Susannah Ural (University of Southern Mississippi)

David Joseph Wrisley (New York University)

9.3 Institute website

Visit the institute website.

9.4 Works cited

Authored publications

Web resources and tutorials